Team England Announces Four Fighters For June 5 Fight vs. France In The M-1 Challenge


When Team England first took the M-1 Challenge stage on April 29 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan, it was an underdog against Team Japan heading into their best-of-five series. But it was only an underdog to everyone but Team England.

Despite the fact that England had never previously competed in the M-1 Challenge, Ian “M-16” Butlin, the self-proclaimed best lightweight fighter in the U.K., boasted to a Japanese audience at a local press conference that England was going to shut out Team Japan by a score of 5-0.

Most in the audience didn’t offer a reaction to Butlin’s claim, dismissing it as an irrational display of arrogance. But to Team England, it was nothing more than an expression of confidence. The high level of self-belief allowed the Brits to come pretty close to making Butlin’s prognistication completely accurate after they defeated the Japanese by a 4-1 score.



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