5/9 M-1 Challenge Brazil 4th Edition – Results

From Japan-MMA.com:

The results from my first Live stream. I really enjoyed the fights, as the results indicate, it was an eventful event.

Now that I know it works, I really hope I will be able to bring you more events like this in the future.

Bulgaria vs. Benelux (3-2)
1. -70kg: Yanko Yanev (Bul) def. Danny van Bergen (Ben) by arm-bar round 1 2:23
2. -76 kg: Raymond Jarman (Ben) def. Ivan Ivanov (Bul) by TKO Round 1 0:35
3. -84 kg: Jordan Radev (Bul) def. Danny Smit (Ben) by decision 3-0
4. -93 kg: Emil Samoilov (Bul) def. Jason Jones (Ben) by TKO round 1 2:09
5. +93 kg: Jessie Gibbs (Ben) def. Nikola Dipchkov (Bul) submission (strikes) round 1 1:37



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