Linhares Submits Salmon at Fight Festival 25


HELSINKI, Finland — On paper, the 25th installment of the premier mixed martial arts promotion in Finland, Fight Festival, offered a diverse dish for the MMA connoisseur. On the menu were UFC veterans, fights that could be billed as grudge matches and even the inaugural women’s MMA bout. Lo and behold, the hype was answered with a full plate on Saturday at Töölön Kisahalli.

The main event meal was a middleweight bout between Sean Salmon and Lucio Linhares.

Stateside, Salmon is known for his UFC loss to Rashad Evans, but coming into his latest appearance, the crowd recognized him as the man who defeated the most popular fighter in Finnish MMA, Mikko Rupponen, in 2007.

Linhares, a Brazilian submission master, has become Finland’s adopted son after dedicating years to the Finnish fight scene. He has evolved a diverse skill set competing in many local events and the M-1 Challenge series, and once again, he quickly put his skills to use.


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