M-1 Challenge ’09 season opener this weekend

From Abu Dhabi Combat:

This weekend sets a record for most shows taking place over two days that have some form of distribution including the M-1 Challenge 2009 season opener. Last year M-1 Challenge archives were broadcast on HDNet while the season finale was streamed live on Sherdog. Representatives of Crave Online who own Sherdog acknowledge they are in talks with M-1 Challenge but since the show takes place the same night as UWC in Washington, DC the show will not stream live. The show will be filmed for later distribution but at this time no details are available. Fans will have to go to the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington or wait until a distribution deal is finalized.

For those who may not know M-1 Challenge have been described as “IFL meets the Olympics”, matching teams from countries like Finland, Spain, and Russia in a year-long tournament. Last year the individual competitors changed throughout the season but overall it was a great first glimpse of many up-and-coming European fighters. This year the original ten teams are joined by USA West, Brazil, UK, Turkey, Canada, China, and Australia. In the archives are multiple reports covering the first season.



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