M-1 Challenge enters the sophomore season

From MMASpark.com:

The M-1 Challenge comprises of the M-1 Global’s vehicle in order to breed and at the same time discover every new talent from every corner of the globe. This aims to bring out every up-and-coming talent that is from the globe. The M-1 Challenge kicks off or rather blossoms into its second season on the 21st of February this year in Seattle, USA. Enthusiasts can watch and enjoy battles between groups like USA Team West and Brazil Naja. The audience can also witness matches between veteran ’s Imperial Team and Korea. The M-1 Challenge also showcases battles between Finland and Benelux. An addition of a third team of challenge every event is going to be one of the biggest changes that are to be made to the format of this particular series. There are many other reforms for the new season also includes a fresh batch of many participating teams. Recently there are several teams from every nook and corner of the globe coming together to join forces in the M-1 Challenge and this does includes teams from nations like Korea, France, Japan, the Legion, the United States, Spain and other World Team. The World Team coincidentally has had the distinction of already being featured on the first season of the M-1 Challenge.



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