M-1 Challenge invades the U.S.

The York Daily Record:

As you all know, we here at MMA Explosion support all MMA, no matter what organization, no matter where. This email, announcing what I believe is the first M-1 show in the US, was sent to me recently. You may recognize M-1 as a sponsor of Affliction and also Fedor Emelianenko’s home organization. In fact, M-1 would do well to have Fedor make a guest appearance at this event if they can. It would go a long way in buildng Fedor’s brand in the US, and also M-1’s stature at the same time.To look at the match-ups, they’re not filled with really well-known stars, but hopefully the fighters will be one day. Even so, there is definitely a global flair to the card, as fighters from all corners of the planet are looking to claim victory inside the ring.



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